The Year It Begins

Instead to finding yourself, begin with being yourself...


The day after I talked about creating this website, I bought something at a gas station and the total was $7.77.  Interesting.  Then on the day, I started working on this website, one of the boxing day receipts was $37.77.  Very interesting.  And yesterday, moments after making this site public, I went to the coffee shop and the purchase came to $7.77.  Now longer, just interesting...  It's a sign.

So, when I have specific numbers repeat (which happens a lot - especially 111, 333, & 444), there is a book that I always go to...  Angel Numbers by Doreen Virtue & Lynette Brown, (the 2005 pink version). 

"777: Congratulations! You've listened well to your Divine Guidance and have put that wisdom into fruitful action.  You're now reaping the rewards.  Your success is inspiring and helping others, so please keep up the good work..."

Now if that isn't a sign I don't know what is...  :)

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