The Year It Begins

Instead to finding yourself, begin with being yourself...

You're Awake, You're Alive, You're Awesome!

What a great message!  Welcome to the world on your first day on earth!  Some things to learn:

  • You're Awake, You're Alive, You're Awesome!
  • Welcome to the world, it's a pretty cool place!
  • Laughing's the best!
  • There are reasons to dance
  • You should give people high fives just for getting out of bed
  • Feel that? It's called breathing!  But no one knows exactly how many breaths we have, so enjoy it.
  • Pay attention!
  • Take brain pictures
  • It's not about you do, it about who you are
  • Love is LOUDER!
  • We are really glad you are here
  • You are going to smell great, but don't get too busy!
  • You're awake, you're awesome, live like it!

This kid is awesome!  Follow Soulpancake at ...  We could all learn a lot from his message!

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