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Today I am grateful for family

Today I am grateful for family.

Growing up after the age of six, it was my parents, our dogs, and the cat in Calgary.  Most of my family was a three hour drive or a three hour plane ride away, minimum.  I wasn't really used to this concept of family.

My grandmother was in Pincher, my other grandparents were in Winnipeg, my sisters were on the other side of the country in New Brunswick, and all of my cousins were spread across the country, as well, none being in Calgary.

Which means in the last few years I have had to adapt to the concept to "family".  It has been lovely getting to know so many members of my family and becoming closer, especially my family that are 4 generations removed and from another country.  Although, I hope they understood, the adjustment that was occurring and my need for transformation in this area.

It has been wonderful getting to know and spend time with my husband's family on both sides and knowing that I can spend time with them even when he isn't there.  :)

It isn't just my parents, our dogs, and the cats.  It's my husband, my sisters, my nieces and nephews, my Icelandic cousins, my Whitson cousins, my Clifford cousins, my husbands family on both sides.

And speaking of family...  it sounds like our current household of 8 plus the cat is up.  So here's to family!

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