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Today I am grateful for Harry the Cat

Today I am grateful for Harry the Cat.

Harry, our cat turned 20 on New Year's Day!  When I got him in 2006, I really thought, based on the fact that he was 10 at the time, I would be his owner/roommate for a few years, but 9 and a half years later he is still going strong! 

He has changed so much since the day the little scrapper cat came out of the house, he is much more loving and cuddly and less of a biter and scratcher.  He is still a typical orange cat, but I have learn so much from him!

Thank you Harry for teaching me so much and Happy Birthday!

Today I am grateful for family

Today I am grateful for family.

Growing up after the age of six, it was my parents, our dogs, and the cat in Calgary.  Most of my family was a three hour drive or a three hour plane ride away, minimum.  I wasn't really used to this concept of family.

My grandmother was in Pincher, my other grandparents were in Winnipeg, my sisters were on the other side of the country in New Brunswick, and all of my cousins were spread across the country, as well, none being in Calgary.

Which means in the last few years I have had to adapt to the concept to "family".  It has been lovely getting to know so many members of my family and becoming closer, especially my family that are 4 generations removed and from another country.  Although, I hope they understood, the adjustment that was occurring and my need for transformation in this area.

It has been wonderful getting to know and spend time with my husband's family on both sides and knowing that I can spend time with them even when he isn't there.  :)

It isn't just my parents, our dogs, and the cats.  It's my husband, my sisters, my nieces and nephews, my Icelandic cousins, my Whitson cousins, my Clifford cousins, my husbands family on both sides.

And speaking of family...  it sounds like our current household of 8 plus the cat is up.  So here's to family!

Today I am grateful for Fresh Starts

Today, I am grateful for Fresh Starts!

Today is January 1, 2016 and with all New Years, it is a day of Fresh Starts and New Beginnings.  New opportunities, new resolutions, new words, and new phrases.

2016 is a year to Sparkle, Shine, and Glow Bright!

2015 was I am too Blessed to be Stressed!

2014 choose me with Let it Go!

This is a year for fresh starts and new beginning! Where I am going to Sparkle, Shine, and Glow Bright!  The possibilities are all around us!  It's going to be a great year!

Here's to 2016!

Today I am grateful for lazy Sundays...

Today, I am grateful for lazy Sundays...

I am lucky and grateful that I have the flexibility and the understanding on my husband to spend the day in my pajamas.  It is pretty special to spend a Sunday every few months in your pjs watching tv and playing on the computer beside my husband.  In times where it is really hard to catch up on our sleepless nights and our long workdays and our crazy activities that mark our days, I am so grateful for days like today...  It is hard not to feel guilty, though I fight my way through it, because we each need these days, every once in awhile.

Take time for yourself and take those lazy Sundays when you can.

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